Call for Abstracts 22

The Bstt Madrid Course invites you to particiate in it by submitting your abstract. The comitee will select 10 posters and won’t be obligated to provide feedback to abstract authors regarding final decisions.  

Read the instructions and take the opportunity to show your studies and experiences.

NOTE: Authors of posters must register and attend the conference. Each attendee will be able to present just one poster as a first author. 

  • Abstract submission closes: May 20th 2022
  • Notification to authors: May 24th 2022
Abstract topics: 
  • Surgery. Orthopedic oncology surgery
  • Pathology
  • Radiology
  • Medical Oncology – Systemic Treatment
  • Radiation Oncology – Radiotherapy
  • Oncology – Fibromatosis
Format & Presentation:

Only Poster abstract will be accepted. The poster gallery will be displayed on screens.

The posters must be submitted via the online platform

Poster text should be organized in four sections: 

    1. Introduction 
    2. Methods
    3. Results
    4. Conclusions
How to submit your poster:

The e-posters can be sent via the communications platform. Click the ‘Submit Abstract’ button below and follow the onscreen instructions.

Initially you will be prompted to set up your personal account login to the portal with user and password. If you haven’t register yet, please acces throught the registration button ansd register to get your login details. Keep a note of them as you will need them every time you access the portal to compose, edit and submit an abstract.

Once inside your personal portal, select MY COMMUNICATIONS – Send Abstract. You can make your submission by completing the fields in the online submission form.

When completing the Abstract field, it is easy to copy and paste straight from a Word document, 250 words máximum.
Click ‘Next’ at the bottom of the form when you have completed all relevant fields and upload your e-poster. 

You will receive email notification that your submission has been received.

Should you need assistance with the abstract system please request support by sending an email to