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Approximately 30 hours of learning

This course was recorded during the 9th BSTT Madrid Course.  Once you start the course, you must complete it within 3 months.

The Course is based on the precepts established by its founder Dr. Henry J. Mankin and is supported by the Musculoskeletal Tumor Society ( Many of the faculty are MSTS members and include leaders of its standing committees and president of the society.

The course offers to all multidisciplinary sarcoma team greater knowledge of the scientific basis of musculoskeletal pathology, in which the roles of the orthopaedic surgeon, pathologist and radiologist overlap. This is complemented by the range of different treatment options, both general (medical oncology) and local (orthopaedic oncology surgery, radiation oncology and reconstructive and reparative surgery.

Students of the online course will receive a discount of 100€ to attend the next course: BSTT MADRID COURSE, holded in Madrid Spain in February 2025, at the time of enrolment. The discount will be applied to the corresponding fee.


This course program is divided into 4 parts:

Eduardo Ortiz-Cruz/ Andrés Redondo 

  • Growth and Development of the Skeletal System.
    • Alan Schiller
  • Bone Tissue in Health and Disease.
    • Andrew Rosenberg
  • Introduction to Bone tumors: The Who’s, What’s and Why’s.
    • Andrew Rosenberg
  • Role of the Radiologist in the Analysis of Musculoskeletal Tumors.
    • José Martel
  • PET Scan in the Evaluation of Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors.
    • José Cordero
  • Molecular Biology of Sarcomas – the Basics.
    • Marta Mendiola
  • Clinical Case: When Molecular Biology is Crucial for Diagnosis.
    • Alberto Berjón/ Marta Mendiola/ Mar Tapia
  • Tumor-like Lesions: Fracture Callus, Myositis Ossificans,Brown Tumor.
    • Alan Schiller
  • Pathology of Joint Disease/ Joint Tumors.
    • Petur Nielsen.
  • Vascular Tumors of Bone.
    • Andrew Rosenberg.
  • Bening Cystic Lesions of Bone: Simply Bone Cyst, Aneurysmal Bone Cyst.
    • Eduardo Ortiz-Cruz/ Alberto Berjón.
  • Case Presentation. Tumor Board.
    • Petur Nielsen/ Andrew Rosenberg/ Francis Hornicek/Mark Gebhardt.
  • Bening Cartilage Tumors.
    • Francis Hornicek/ Petur Nielsen
  • Malignant Cartilage Tumors.
    • Francis Hornicek/ Andrew Rosenberg.
  • Bening Bone Forming Tumors: Osteoid Osteoma, Osteoblastoma.
    • Mark Gebhardt/ Alan Schiller.
  • Malignant Bone Tumors: Osteosarcoma and Variants.
    • Mark Gebhardt/ Andrew Rosenberg.
  • Bening and Malignant Fibrous Tumors of Bone.
    • Joseph Benevenia/ Mark Gebhardt
  • Fibro-osseous Tumors of Bone.
    • Mark Gebhardt/ Petur Nielsen.