The laboratory sessions consist of correlating clinical practice and radiology with anatomical pathology, using the computer programme provided by doctors Alan Schiller, Andrew Rosemberg and Petur Nielsen.

The computer programme used for the course allows you to navigate exactly as if you were using a microscope, and is a very useful and user-friendly technology.

Doctors Schiller, Rosemberg and Nielsen give a detailed explanation of every topic described in the programme which is essentially the perfect complement to the general presentations, yet with the correlation of ANATOMICAL PATHOLOGY.

Their explanation is detailed and completely personalized. We believe that this section is absolutely essential and forms the heart and soul of the course.

The explanations are outstanding, with the personal nature lent by some exceptional pathologists who are entirely familiar with every neoplasm. This makes learning with them a pleasure, as they have demonstrated on previous courses as well as in their books and articles.

It should be noted that this course is not just for pathologists but for every specialist who wishes to expand their knowledge of this field.

The laboratory session will be given in ENGLISH only, and there will be one computer available for every two students.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Technical Secretariat of the course.


Theoretical and practical course fee

700 € / Until July 30th, 2018

800 (From July 31st, 2018)



  • To assist the practical laboratory, you must register with the full rate course.
  • Only 60 seats available, they will be confirmed by order of payment.
  • It is not possible to attend only the practical part, you must apply for full registration.