The Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors course is delighted to present you the 30th annual meeting of the European

Musculo-Skeletal Oncology Society in which three of the faculty and speakers from the BSTT Madrid course, will participate with the next paper works:


A-0070 Use of polyethylene total endoprosthesis for detecting local recurrences

Israel Rubio-Saez, Rafael Carbonell-Escobar, Eduardo Jose Ortiz-Cruz, Manuel Peleteiro-Pensado La Paz Hospital, Madrid, Spain

A-0125 Reconstruction of malignant bone tumors in humerus with a total humeral endoprothesis

Rafael Carbonell-Escobar, Manuel Peleteiro-Pensado2 Joaquin Nuñez-De Armas, Fernando Escamez, Irene Barrientos-Ruiz, Eduardo Ortiz- Cruz : University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain

A-0124 Functional results of tumor reconstruction with a total femoral replacement

Rafael Carbonell-Escobar, Manuel Peleteiro-Pensado, Irene Barrientos-Ruiz, Eduardo Ortiz-Cruz: University Hospital La Paz, Madrid, Spain



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